Lets get started

I was nervous before my first day at pastry school…. And I was very excited too! I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty. Literally. Dirty with dough. Dirty with fruit juices. Dirty with crumbs from all the delicious cakes and pastries…

But, I was nervous that I would fall behind… Being danish, I grew up using the metric system, so I was very nervous about being that one annoying student in the class, who never understood the measurements and calculations… “What is an ounce again?… How many ounces is in a cup?…. How many cups are in a quart?… Where are the cups anyway??….” While the rest of the class would be WAY ahead of me!.. That was my fear. Little did I know that most americans didn’t even know their own measuring system! I cant deny it… I was kinda happy:-) Not only did I have to learn all about spoons, cups, ounces and so on, but so did did the rest of my classmates. Perfect! I felt less like an idiot… A little less…

Im sorry America, but Im just gonna come out and say this. Somebody’s gotta do it…. Your system sucks!… Sorry, that might have been a little harsh…. But it does:-) Lets be honest here. The metric system is SO much easier. I understand that it can be a bit scary and confusing to learn for somebody who’s never used it before. But I promise you, its super simple…. Who wouldn’t prefer the simple 10-100-1000 gram system, over 8-16-32 oz… ? All im saying is, dont be afraid to try my recipes just because they are in grams:-) Just give it a go! Dont hate me…. Yet.

Anybody who’s baked before, knows how important is it is to be precise with measurements. Its not like cooking where you can just do a dash of this and a dash of that. Thats why a lot of cooks dont like to bake. They dont like to weigh things. I, on the other hand, weigh everything. I love my scale. Its my friend, and its your friend too. Using a scale gives you correct measurements every time. When you for example use a cup to measure flour, it can vary a lot how much flour gets packed into that cup. Using a scale eliminates that problem. You will be able to bake your favorite things over and over again, being exactly the same:-)

So just go ahead, press that little button on your scale… That little scary button…. The ‘gram/oz’ converter:-)


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