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I was not excited with my first bottle of Kombucha…  My friend Emily bought me a bottle at Jivamukti Yoga center a couple of years ago. She was super excited about showing me this new amazing drink! I was kinda scared… What was the deal with that explosion it made when I opened the bottle!? And what was that strange stuff floating around on the top!?… Was I supposed to drink that or go around it!?… I drank half that day…

I think Kombucha is a drink that most people have to kinda get used to. Today, I love it and find it super refreshing! There are so many brands also, and now you can get it on tab many places. So cool. And if you really wanna go all the way, why not make your own! Check out Kombucha Brooklyn and order your own home brewing kit!

Thank you Emily for getting me hooked!:-)

Iced Summer Banana Coffee

I never really drink regular coffee, except for when I visit my grandmother back in denmark. She makes the best coffee! Hands down. She makes it on the stove, in an old fashioned, blue, drip coffeemaker. It is delicious and scolding hot. Now, its not like all danish people make their coffee that way…. Just so you know:-) She just really likes it that way and have been doing it forever.

When I buy a coffee, I usually get a latte or cappuccino. Im starting to think I might get it more for the milk than the actual coffee…:-) I really love iced coffees too, so I’ve started making my own. And for some reason I seam to never run out of bananas, so heres another refreshing banana recipe, in the summer heat. Coffee meets banana meets ice…

  • 1 espresso (if you are lucky enough to own an espresso maker, otherwise make 1/4 cup really strong coffee!)
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup rice milk or soy milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1-2 tsp agave

Simply put everything in a blender, and give it a swirl for about 15 sec. Drink up:-)

My dear friend and amazing yoga teacher, Naomi Edwards.