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Homemade Vegan Nutella

There’s this great commercial playing on TV… A mom is talking about how difficult it is to make her kids eat their breakfast. And then she’s telling the audience how EASYYYY her life has become after she discovered Nutella! Now she just spreads Nutella on like everything, and of cause, the kids eat their whole grain bread without ANY problems!:-) …. Awesome… I love that commercial…. I love how it makes Nutella seem like a health food:-) Genius. I mean, dont give me wrong, I too LOVE Nutella, but I dont by any means think that its in the same food group as carrots…

It made me think though, about making my own healthier Nutella-like spread. So here you go! Now you can make your kinds eat whole grain too, when you spread this on top;-) And, you can eat it with good conscience… Not pretend, like that actress from the Nutella commercial…:-)

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It always inspires me when I go to the farmers market. Especially around this time a year, where its packed with all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies! I love living in the city, but Im a country girl at heart…:-) 

I live in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and every saturday theres a farmers market at Maccarren Park. I found these beautiful plums, and just had to go granny on them…:-)

So here you go, plums 2 ways. Jam and chutney:-)  Continue reading