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Drink more…

I dont drink enough water… I know you are supposed to cuz its really healthy and all, but Im just not one of those people who can chug down gallons a day. I wish I was… I think water is borring… Tasteless… I mean, its water!!… Give me something else like leomonaid, and Ill drink it with great pleasure:-) And lots of it. But I never really drink that either, because I dont want all the extra sugar… So the end result is that I for years I’ve been getting way too little water in my system…. And, I spend way too much money on seltzer. Until about a week ago when my Sodastream arrived  at my front door! Welcome home amazing product i never knew I needed. Never before have my body been this hydrated:-) For me, sparkling water seems to be the solution to my lack proper hydration. Bubbles in water makes me drink much more. I dont know why, it just works! And on top of that, Sodastream is great if you wanna go a little greener too. No more wasting all the empty seltzer and club soda bottles… So check it out:-) The machines comes in different designs and at different prices. Some of them a bit pricy, but if you like me need to drink more water, I definitely think its worth it!

Flaxseeds are the bees knees…

I was recently in London for work, where I stumbled upon this great brand called Linwoods. They make all these different flax seed mixes, that you can add to your oatmeal, smoothies, salads and so on. I bought the one with cocoa and berries and Im totally in love with it! I add 2 teaspoons of it to my oatmeal in the morning and its really really tasty… It just gives that extra something both in texture and flavor. Plus the fact that its super good for you! Linwoods products contains tons of Omega 3, fiber, antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium… I could go on and on, but they probably tell it better than me, so check out their site 🙂 All of their products are also gluten free and have no sugar added!

You can find it in the US too in some health food stores and large retain chains. Or, you can buy it online on Amazon for example.

Bee Pollen

Here is a thing you might wanna start adding to your smoothie in the morning. Or sprinkle it on your cereal. You probably know about it already, but have you eaten it yet? Its bee pollen, and, its kinda amazing when you know what it actually is…:-)

It comes in little granules or pellets and comes from the pollen nectar from the flowers, you know, the dusty stuff that you see on blossoms in the spring. The honey bee collects the pollen with their legs. The pollen literally gets stuck to the legs, and thats how the bee carries it to the hive. Pollen is food for bees and they bring it back to share with their hives in order for them to make honey.

We humans just love honey… But more people should try adding bee pollen to their diet too, as a supplement  to their multi vitamin. Bee pollen is made of 25% protein and contains over a dozen vitamins, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes and co-enzymes, and 14 fatty acids. So its pretty amazing stuff…

Bee pollen is also taken to prevent hay fever. Some people believe that eating 1-2 tsp of bee pollen daily, will help to build resistance to their allergy. But if you have severe hay fever, be careful! Before you start chowing down on bee pollen like it was candy, you might wanna take a few grains and see how you react first:-) To get the full benefits of the use of bee pollen for allergy relief, you have to buy LOCAL bee pollen from the area you live in. You have to expose your immune system to the same pollens that will be in the air when allergy season comes.

I bought my first jar of bee pollen the other day. I dont have any allergies that I know of, but I like that long list of “good stuff” it contains. Im gonna go have myself a teaspoon of those yellow little soft rocks right now!:-)

The Good Coconut

Lets talk fats! Your body needs fats to survive. Its just that simple. Just like it needs protein and carbohydrates. Im not talking about the fat that comes with your french fries though… Sorry… Im talking about the “Good Fats”. ( Although, I too on a day with hangover, feel like french fries is the fat my body craves!.. Hey, its ok to live a little:-)..)

You have probably heard something about coconut oil. You have might even used it. But just to make you understand it a little better, here’s whats up.

When its used in moderation and in its virgin, unprocessed form, the health benefits of coconut oil are many. Virgin coconut oil is beneficial to skin care, helps the body maintain proper cholesterol levels, contributes to good hair care, assists in weight loss, boosts the immune system, speeds along digestion, lower blood pressure and increases the efficiency of the metabolism. So all in all, its pretty amazing!

The downfall about virgin coconut oil is that it tastes like… well…. coconut!:-) I mean, I love coconut, but sometimes the flavor can be a bit distracting in cakes for example. Thats why I only use it in some recipes, and choose canola or grape seed oil for others.  Continue reading

Mmmm sweet….

“What is that?”… You might ask… “Is it brown sugar? Is it sugar in the raw? Is it rocks? Is it amber? Is it….”…ok ok! I’ll tell you:-)

A while back, I was on a hunt in Wholefoods. In isle 5. The baking isle… I had for a while wanted to find something sweet. Something to replace my sugar in the raw. Something granulated, and not in liquid form like agave. I love agave, but sometimes its just not the best sweetener in my recipes… Sometimes liquid sweetener is not really working, cuz its just too wet. Also, its hard to “sprinkle” on top of something… It can get kinda sticky…

When I wanted granulated sugar, I used sugar in the raw. But heres the deal… I like sugar in the raw, but its not that much better for you than regular old fashioned white sugar. Sorry, but its not…The microscopic amounts of vitamins and minerals that sugar in the raw has over regular white, are so small that its almost not there…  I, like a lot of other people, get fooled by the tasty, healthy looking brown color it has.

That said, I still choose that over regular white at the coffee shop. Cuz for some reason, it makes me feel just a bit better:-)

For baking though, I knew I could do a lot better! Or at least, I hoped so. Thats when I discovered coconut palm sugar from Sweet Tree!  Continue reading

Lets get started

I was nervous before my first day at pastry school…. And I was very excited too! I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty. Literally. Dirty with dough. Dirty with fruit juices. Dirty with crumbs from all the delicious cakes and pastries…

But, I was nervous that I would fall behind… Being danish, I grew up using the metric system, so I was very nervous about being that one annoying student in the class, who never understood the measurements and calculations… “What is an ounce again?… How many ounces is in a cup?…. How many cups are in a quart?… Where are the cups anyway??….” While the rest of the class would be WAY ahead of me!.. That was my fear. Little did I know that most americans didn’t even know their own measuring system! I cant deny it… I was kinda happy:-) Not only did I have to learn all about spoons, cups, ounces and so on, but so did did the rest of my classmates. Perfect! I felt less like an idiot… A little less…

Im sorry America, but Im just gonna come out and say this. Somebody’s gotta do it…. Your system sucks!… Sorry, that might have been a little harsh…. But it does:-) Lets be honest here. The metric system is SO much easier. I understand that it can be a bit scary and confusing to learn for somebody who’s never used it before. But I promise you, its super simple…. Who wouldn’t prefer the simple 10-100-1000 gram system, over 8-16-32 oz… ? All im saying is, dont be afraid to try my recipes just because they are in grams:-) Just give it a go! Dont hate me…. Yet.

Anybody who’s baked before, knows how important is it is to be precise with measurements. Its not like cooking where you can just do a dash of this and a dash of that. Thats why a lot of cooks dont like to bake. They dont like to weigh things. I, on the other hand, weigh everything. I love my scale. Its my friend, and its your friend too. Using a scale gives you correct measurements every time. When you for example use a cup to measure flour, it can vary a lot how much flour gets packed into that cup. Using a scale eliminates that problem. You will be able to bake your favorite things over and over again, being exactly the same:-)

So just go ahead, press that little button on your scale… That little scary button…. The ‘gram/oz’ converter:-)